Friday, Jan. 27th

27 Jan

Complete a quiz for The Most Dangerous Game.  You need to sign in with your class period and name = 3 Smith, Jane

If you want to take the quiz a second time add the code Q13F2-4762 and put a 2 behind your first name.

Once you have finished the quiz, you will need to post another quote response to your blog.  Yesterday you should have located a quote that applied to any of the three stories that we have read so far and posted the meaning of that quote and indicated how the quote applied to the story.  If you did not do that, you are 1 assignment behind.

  1. Go to this page and select a quote that applies to any of the short stories read in class.  You will need to select a quote and apply the words of wisdom to one of the stories that we have read.  You will need to create a new post and title it “Thoughts on the story title“ orrr…  Here are my sample posts
  2. Be sure to look at your ePortfolio and address some of what I identified before: add a comment box to your home page, add an Awards page, pages in the wrong order, pages not labeled, etc.  Here is mine as a sample

Today you will also need to post a engagement emoticon indicating how you feel about the work that you have done in class this week.  Select the emoticon that applies, add it to your blog and explain how you feel about your work for this week.

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