Tuesday, Jan 31st

31 Jan

Quick quiz for “The Necklace”

Create a Twitter profile for 2 of the characters from the story and then create a 5 tweet conversation.  Here is the template to use for your profile.

Put 5 Tweets onto the Fake Twitter site, download the picture and then upload it onto the Short Story page.

Work on another analysis. The analysis must contain the information below:

  1. *Title and Author
  2. *Major Characters
  3. *Significant Events (at least 5-10 events)
  4. *Climax
  5. *Conflicts (Man v Man, Man v Self, Man v Nature, Man v Society, etc.) Indicate type and who is involved.
  6. *Resolution – How was conflict resolved?
  7. *Theme – What is the message/lesson to be learned from the story?
  8. *Focal reading/literary elements – Story deals with what skills or literary elements?
  9. *Relevant quote from the story.
  10. *Your opinion of the story; like or dislike it? Why or Why not?
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