01 Feb

Complete this technology survey. Today is digital learning day and I am gathering information for a blog post about how we use the internet in this class.

You should be completing your Twitter profiles and fake tweets. You will save your slides as pictures (jpegs) and download your fake tweet picture so that they can be added to your weebly’s short story page. Here is a How to Video

Once you have completed the survey, the Twitter profiles and the fake twitter conversation you will need to work on another analysis. The analysis must contain the information below:

  1. *Title and Author
  2. *Major Characters
  3. *Significant Events (at least 5-10 events)
  4. *Climax
  5. *Conflicts (Man v Man, Man v Self, Man v Nature, Man v Society, etc.) Indicate type and who is involved.
  6. *Resolution – How was conflict resolved?
  7. *Theme – What is the message/lesson to be learned from the story?
  8. *Focal reading/literary elements – Story deals with what skills or literary elements?
  9. *Relevant quote from the story.
  10. *Your opinion of the story; like or dislike it? Why or Why not?
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