Nonfiction study guide

09 Feb

1. What is a personal essay?
2. How do you preview an essay?
3. In which pattern are most essays organized?
4. What are 2 common classifications of personal essays?
5. What is a useful strategy for reading a personal essay?

1. What is an editorial?
2. How do you identify the author’s viewpoint in an editorial?
3. How is an editorial usually organized? 
4. A writer often begins an editorial with what?
5. Where can you find an editorial?

1. What is a news story?
2. How do you read critically?
3. Where is a news story’s lead?
4. What is the most important part of reading critically?
5. How is a typical news story organized? 

1. What is a biography? 
2. How is a biography different from a piece of fiction?
3. What are 2 major goals of a biographer?
4. How are biographies organized?
5. What are 2 good strategies to use with a biography?

1. What is a memoir?
2. How is a memoir different from a novel?
3. What are 2 main goals of a writer of, memoirs?
4. What are some of the topics covered by memoirs? 
5. What is a common feature of most memoirs?

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