Tuesday, February 14th

14 Feb

Lesson objective: Anaylyze Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech by examing metaphors and nonfiction terms.

Today we have 3 things to accomplish: 1. take notes on the literary elements in Dr. King’s speech 2. determine whether or not Dr. King’s dream has been realized and 3. begin writing analysis of King’s speech.

  1. Complete the comprehension questions handout: explaining metaphors and identifying some of the nonfiction elements in his speech
  2. Complete the Writing Prompt and post to your blog.
    Has Dr. King’s dream of equality been realized?  If he were here today, would he find his dream in the process of becoming reality, or would he find his dream too idealistic for the real world?  Prepare a response of at least 75 words that discusses the realization of his dream.  Use specific examples from his speech and from real life to support your response.
  3. Begin to work on your analysis of Dr. King’s speech.  Be sure to use ALL of the notes that we have taken so far to assist you. Your analysis should  follow this template that highlights effective literary elements as well as your opinion of the speech.

If you have not linked up your to your you need to do so now.  You will need to make sure that

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