Monday, March 5th

04 Mar

We will be completing our nonfiction unit and beginning our Poetry Unit.  Take the following Poetry PreTest to determine what we need to focus on in class. I hope that you still have your Nonfiction notes, you will be tested on those terms this week.

I am completing your ePortfolio checks so that I can hand out Progress Reports this week.  I am assessing your nonfiction pages.  I hope to give them to you tomorrow.

So far you should have responses to:

  1. the article “Growing Up Digital” and answer the questions on the wikipage.
  2. I Have a Dream speech: comprehension questions handout from the “I Have a Dream” speech
  3. Tale of Two Indias article: read and respond to the article “A Tale of Two Indias“ (notes)
  4. Art Dissent pictures: here is a presentation showing how to analyze Art Dissent pictures

Click here to see what I should see on your page

Also those of you who had time, thanks for creating the vokis for 2 of the 20 vocabulary words. Here is what we have so far

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