Analyzing and Quoting from the speech

06 Mar

<Describe where the speech, panel discussion, presentation, or assembly took place>. <Explain who was in the audience and what the event was about. Why did they come?>. <Then, describe who the speaker(s) were, in general.> <End this paragraph by introducing a quote from the speech>

“<Put quote here>.”

Reading this quote made me realize/think about/remember  that < finish this sentence>. <Add two or three more sentences explaining what the quotation means to you.>

Another quote that stuck out for me from Ms. Adichie’s was < when she talked about …… and said>:

“<Second quote goes here>.”

I see how/understand why/agree with/ <Explain why this quote has power for you.>. It opens my eyes/makes me think/reminds me .. because this quote is saying that <Finish this sentence, then write three or four more explaining what this quote means to you.> Now keeping this in mind, <Ask your reader if they agree with you and/or your speaker>.

Ms. Adichie surprised/upset/calmed/placated me was when she describedThis surprised/upset/calmed/placated me becauseIt really shows:

“<Put a quote that goes on for more than one sentence here.>”

<Add more of your own thoughts about this topic.>


Posted by on March 6, 2012 in Curriculum


3 responses to “Analyzing and Quoting from the speech

  1. Keshon Leonard]

    March 6, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    The speech was interessting and she gave alot of details


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