Thursday, March 15th

15 Mar

FIRST: Finish your analysis of Dunbar’s Sympathy poem.

SECOND: Today you will need to publish your Big 10 Homework to your Poetry Page. Label the part of speech and then give your example.


Alliteration – Description of two family members using their first name and alliteration.
Tacky Ted takes no time with tasks and duties
Marvelous Morrah makes Mommy merry and joyous 

Allusion – Describe your school using an allusion.
Classes at West Jeff are better than the ones at Joe Clark’s school but not as fun as the ones on Glee.

Figurative Language: Write two sentences about your English class using figurative language.

Ms. Burton’s English class is full of scholars who set her heart on fire because their eager minds are open and ready to receive tidbits of knowledge

Ms. Burton’s English class fills me with such joy and pleasure that I feel as though my heart will explode.

THIRD: Put your I can.., I am.., I know…  on your poetry page

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