Community Contract

16 Apr

This contract identifies the acceptable behaviors and practices that must be maintained in our Learning Environment.  These expectations need to be observed for our face-to-face work and our online work.

• Listen with respect. Try to understand what someone is saying before rushing to judgment.
• Make comments using “I” statements.
• If you do not feel safe making a comment or asking a question, write the thought down.
• If someone states an idea or question that helps your own learning, say, “Thank you.”
• If someone says something that hurts or offends you, do not attack the person. Acknowledge that the comment—not the person—hurt your feelings and explain why.
• Put-downs are never okay.
• If you don’t understand something, ask a question.
• Think with your head and your heart.
• Share talking time—provide room for others to speak.
• Do not interrupt others while they are speaking.
• Write down thoughts, in a journal or notebook, if you don’t have time to say them during our time together.

I think... I feel...  I want...

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