TUESDAY, April 17th

16 Apr

You have about 45 minutes to complete this Romeo and Juliet Quiz.

1st pd click here

3rd period click here

4th period click here

Once you are finished with this you need to reply to a post on about a situation that involves bullying. Be sure to include a meaningful post that expresses how you felt at the time of the incident and leave a supportive comment in response to 2 other classmates reply.

Take this survey about bullying, tomorrow we are going to solicit opinions from other students and have them take this survey as well.


Bullying involves an individual or a group repeatedly harming another person—physically (e.g., punching, pushing, tripping, or destruction of property), verbally (e.g., teasing, name-calling, or intimidating), or socially (e.g., ostracizing or spreading hurtful rumors). Sometimes these harmful actions are plainly visible, but other times, such as when gossip and rumors are used to isolate the target, the actions are covert.

Here is what bullying looks like:

When you’re in the shower and your clothes are taken, and you have no way of getting out of the gym other than walking out naked. When you’re standing in the bathroom urinating, and kids come up and push you from behind up against the stall and against the wall, and you urinate on your pants. When you’re sitting in the classroom and someone grabs your books and throws them on the floor and tells you, ‘Pick ’em up.’

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