I accept Tweets for Credit

29 Apr

So you like to Tweet do you???  Well, now is your chance to Tweet for credit.  You will have the opportunity to Tweet class updates and notes of interest.  Be sure that I know who you are (I have no one named Suzy’s BFF or Sexy1, etc.) and you can receive class participation credit.

Hashtags to use

  • #BS121 – General class update information
  • #Plot121 – Updates and remarks about plot elements from readings
  • #Voc121 – Updates about use of interesting vocabulary words from our readings
  • #Ref121 – Updates about thoughts and feelings evoked by our readings

How you can get credit for Tweets

  1. Include at least one of the hashtags above
  2. If you use @MsBsScholars be sure to initial your tweet so that I know who gets credit OR if you’re using your Twitter name leave me a note in the inbox telling me your name and your Twitter name
  3. Your tweet must be spelled correctly. You have about 120 characters so some abrev. is acceptable. SOME is ok, I don’t want all text speak.
  4. If you don’t Tweet, leave me a note on a post it/notepad sheet.  Same guidelines apply: sign them and write so that I can understand.

I will be giving you some Tweet starters to help out.

  • I am only responsible for myself. Do you agree? #Ref121
  • One should always resist unfair decisions, regardless of the consequences. #Ref121
  • Individuals can choose their own destiny; their choices are not dictated or limited by the constraints of society. Yes or No? #Ref121
  • The needs of larger society are more important than the needs of the individual. Agree or Disagree? #Ref121
  • Justice is best achieved when the perpetrators repair the harm they have caused. #Ref121
  • What power do you think young people have to change attitudes and actions? #Ref121
  • After a time of conflict or violence, it is better for everyone to move on and forget the crimes or hardships of the past. #Ref121
  • Punishing perpetrators for wrongdoing is necessary to achieve justice. Offenders should suffer for the crimes they have committed. #Ref121
  • What are the risks of confronting bullying, hate and violence? #Ref121
  • Give me a fact from today’s reading. #Plot121
  • An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. #Ref121
  • What events or ideas from this novel remind you of other things you have seen, read or heard before? #Plot121
  • I think that bystanders have the power to stop injustice. What do u think? #Ref121
  • Stepping in when you see someone treated unfairly is easy. Do u agree? #Ref121
  • Students are the most powerful influence on a school’s climate. They decide what kind of behavior is acceptable and unacceptable. #Ref121
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