Monday, May 7th

06 May

We will be reading and discussing chapters 1-3 in the book.

#Voc121 retaliate, wavering, clutches, and deliberately.

#Plot121 updates

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  1. vrburton

    May 7, 2012 at 8:31 am

    Paper Tweets from @MsBsScholars
    *Rashawn – Darrell is getting bullied by Tiray, a dude that’s bigger than him and he has no friends.
    *Rodneka – Darryl and his Mother moved from Philly to Cali. He doesn’t like Cali because with his uncle and the mean boys he meets.
    *Eugene – Tyray is a bully. Darrell just moved from Philadelphia and he met a girl named Amberlynn.
    *Shawn – Darrell is the main characters. -He moved from Philly to California. -Darrell met the bully of the story, Tyray. -Darrell met Amberlynn from the story, Pretty Ugly.
    *Jean – I wonder if Darrell finds a group of people to hang with. – Maybe he ends up fighting the bully.
    *Tammy – Will Amberlynn and Darrell ever become friends?
    *Mia – The event that happened is Darrell moved to a different state and goes to a different school. Darrell meets bullies that mess with him.


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