31 Oct

Here is a page with notes from Act I, in a group of two, you will need to answer these questions and email your responses to me.


Macbeth’s supporters:

  • Macbeth—Scottish general; ambitious enough to commit regicide to become king
  • Lady Macbeth—His wife; ambitious; convinces Macbeth to perform the murder; later remorseful
  • Seyton—Lieutenant to Macbeth
  • Neutral:
  • Three witches—Predict Macbeth’s ambitions will soon come true; later predict his downfall
  • Duncan’s supporters:
  • Duncan—King of Scotland; his murder by Macbeth is the first in a series of many murders
  • Malcolm—Eldest son of Duncan; heir to the throne of Scotland; flees to England after Duncan’s murder; becomes king at end of the play
  • Donalbain—Youngest son of Duncan; flees to Ireland after Duncan’s murder
  • Lennox—Nobleman, loyal to Duncan
  • Siward—English Earl; supporter of Malcolm
  • Young Siward—Bravely faced Macbeth though he is killed in battle
  • Banquo—General; witches predict his offspring will become kings; murdered by Macbeth’s hired killers
  • Fleance—Banquo’s son; escapes murder by Macbeth’s hired killers
  • Macduff—General; discovers Duncan’s body; becomes suspicious of Macbeth and joins forces with Malcolm; slays Macbeth and proclaims Malcolm

Ross—Cousin to Macduff

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