Monday, 12/3rd

03 Dec

Mondays, we will connect with the REAL WORLD and examine pictures that all make a statement about life around us. These images comment on a range of topics, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the role advertising plays in American life; from Third World sweatshops to animal rights and the genetic modification of food.

Your job is to select a picture, complete questions and then create an analysis that will be posted to your Weebly.

View this presentation and get a gist about the questions that you will need to answer. I have completed an analysis of Cancer Sticks for you to use as a guide. You will need to work in groups and select one of the images from pictures 1-4 and complete an analysis. You will answer the questions on paper and then you will turn your responses into an essay analysis that will be posted to the Writing Sample page of your Weebly.

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