Monday 1/14th

14 Jan

AP Lit

You will be defining and providing examples of the following words:

Terms to know

  1. Alliteration put up your sword and see
  2. apostrophe
  3. comparison-contrast (writing purpose)
  4. descriptive (writing purpose)
  5. ellipsis
  6. euphemism
  7. expository (writing purpose)
  8. inverted word order
  9. logical appeal
  10. metaphor
  11. mood
  12. narrative (writing purpose)
  13. paradox
  14. parallel structure
  15. parallel syntax
  16. persuasive (writing purpose)
  17. repetition
  18. rhetorical fragment
  19. rhetorical question
  20. rhyme
  21. simile
  22. simple sentence
  23. synecdoche
  24. tone

You will be working in groups and you will upload your slides to your Schoology Group.


Access Code

Group1-2nd JT29B-PRVV7
Group2-2nd RXSMT-3RVWJ
Group3-2nd CRJSG-GQ3CS
Group4-2nd VVDZQ-MJJBC
Group5-2nd CNH73-2HCT6
Group6-2nd 356D6-N2NKF


Access Code

Group1-4th WSFJP-V4JKC
Group2-4th 5PN89-55RHX
Group3-4th TRG6J-84MPV
Group4-4th 54HFD-FJPCR
Group5-4th ZFD5M-HP86H
Group6-4th BJFQJ-7Q7R4

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