Thursday, Eng3

17 Jan

We will be working on and off of the computers. Half of you will be using the computer to take a quiz while the other half will take a Grammar quiz. We will switch roles in 35 minutes.

You will identify vocabulary words using Context Clues.  If you completed the slides yesterday, today you will need to define the words to check your predictions.

Accost Maelstrom
Animadversion Myopic
Avid Overt
Brackish Pejorative
Celerity Propriety
Devious Sacrilege
Gambit Summarily
Halcyon Suppliant
Histrionic Talisman
Incendiary Undulate

You will take an online Grammar Diagnostic Quiz.

If you are done, you will need to post to the KQED site about which cabinet job is right for you if you could work for the President.

Respond to the blog here

Here are the jobs available

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