Friday, 1/18th

18 Jan

Today you will…

→ Read and discuss “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyons

→ Compose a poem

Here are some suggestions of activities to help you create your poem

  • Names of important people related to this place (relatives, friends, etc.)
  • Special foods or meals eaten in this place
  • Traditions practiced in this place
  • Favorite songs and stories
  • Familiar phrases used in this place
  • Ordinary items found in this place
  • Important beliefs valued in this place
  • Heroes of this place
  • Significant events (happy and/or sad) that have happened in this place
  • Images that represent this place
  • Sounds that represent this place
  • Smells that represent this place

Here is my version

I am from silly smiles and grudging good mornings messages
To sugary sweet hugs at night
From the woods of camping with boy scouts in a black hole
To ballet shoes and leotards with ballerinas who make bars sing.
From barks and meows
To slobbery pants and purrs.

I am from the click, clicks, clicks of my laptop computer
To the tap, tap, tapping as I text on my phone.
From hanging with friends
And staying at home.

Where I from, I exchanged wet splashes with my friends
And spent time lying on a summer beach under the stars discussing trends
From school dances and cheering at basketball games
To making midnight confessions to old flames.

Where I am from I heard “stop whining”, “do your best”

And “Are you sure that you want to wear that?”
Where I am from there are people who care
And people who I know will always be there



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Posted by on January 18, 2013 in E4, Eng3


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