Tuesday, AP

29 Jan

We are creating wordart in response to “Rules of the Game.” You are going to identify words or phrases that are important to the story and use them as a basis for your wordart. You will need to decoratively write your word(s) and include symbols that are representative of the story. You will then need to explain how your chosen word(s) are developed in the plot of the story.

Here are examples of WordArt

From Rules of the Game consider the following as you select your important word(s):

  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Genre:
  • Characters (list the most important characters):
  • Setting (Time and Place in which the story unfolds):
  • Plot (Write a one-sentence plot summary):
  • Tone (What is the author’s attitude toward the subject, characters and story?):
  • Theme (What messages about life does the author convey? What are the big ideas?):
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