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You will need to COMPLETE your paperslide movie if you haven’t done so already. I am a little disappointed that it has taken us so long. So far, I only have 1.5 videos completed. Each group will be given 15 minutes to complete the last minutes clean ups so that videotaping can be done. We will completing the Macbeth today and tomorrow.

Today’s do now is to select 1 of the topics from the Supernatural questions to complete. Compose a meaningful response to the prompts on the paper. Please include examples to support your viewpoint. These examples can come from your life or movies/books that you are familiar with. Those of you with an ePortfolio will post to your blog/journal.

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Modern day pilgrimage

Create a pilgrim for our Modern Day Canterbury Tales.

Here is a cheat sheet to help you. 

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Monday, Aug. 25

English IV

Anglo Saxon Notes

Read pages 3-9 in the Holt Reader

Homework: Study Notes

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Monday, August 12th

  1. Do Now:  Students will define unknown vocabulary words using context clues
  2. Act2: Students will create a poster using the information gathered from
  3. Act3: The class will go over syllabus and classroom procedures
  4. Close:  Students will share their posters
  5. Hmwk:  Students will list 10 things that they can do, 10 things that illustrate who they are and 10 things that they know to be true

Obj1: RI4: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text…

Obj2: RI2 – Determine 2 or more ideas of a text and analyze their development…

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Today is Digital Learning Day and I am publishing our work

I have published a book!!! Our book!!! I compiled some of the responses to our Where I Come From assignment and created a book.

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Creating Wordles

Create a wordle for your site.

Use the following prompts to guide you in creating an autobiographical sketch using

  • Your Name 3 times
  • Favorite color
  • Second favorite color
  • Favorite food
  • Favorite story
  • Favorite movie
  • Favorite game
  • Favorite place
  • Favorite person
  • Favorite animal
  • Favorite number
  • Favorite book
  • Favorite song
  • Favorite musical group
  • Favorite actor
  • Favorite actress
  • Favorite school subject
  • Favorite article of clothing
  • Favorite season
  • Favorite fruit
  • Favorite day of the week
  • Favorite amusement park
  • Favorite vegetable
  • Favorite holiday
  • Favorite flower
  • Favorite sport
  • Favorite language
  • Favorite ice cream flavor
  • Favorite tree
  • Favorite name
  • Favorite candy
  • Favorite fast food
  • Favorite room
  • Favorite poem
  • Favorite snack
  • Favorite drink
  • Favorite hero
  • Favorite time of the day
  • Favorite word

For two or more words that you want to keep together you will need to add this~character in between the words.


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